Cosmetic gynecology Dr. David Metz


Rejuvenation of the vaginal mucosa, labiaplasty

During the ageing process, the tissue forming the vulva area undergoes changes that may lead to mucosal damage. After the menopause or due to certain medications or conditions (lichen sclerosus), some areas deteriorate leading to dryness, which can cause huge discomfort in everyday life.


In addition to traditional treatment methods, the ability to offer women a simple, fast, durable treatment with proven efficacy is a breakthrough in the field of gynaecology. This treatment uses hyaluronic acid, the safety of which has been widely proven through other uses.


I have chosen to inject DESIRIAL® and DESIRIAL® PLUS, two injectable hyaluronic acids with CE marking and approved by health authorities for gynaecological purposes. This approval stems from the fact that DESIRIAL® and DESIRIAL® PLUS are products that were specifically designed for gynaecological use. The viscosity and elasticity of DESIRIAL® products are completely different to wrinkle fillers used in cosmetic dermatology.


DESIRIAL® is designed to be injected superficially into the vulvo-vaginal mucous membrane to durably soften and hydrate the tissues. The treatment is effective for at least 6 months. During this period the patient’s comfort is greatly improved. This procedure is for all women suffering from recurrent pain related to vulvovaginal dryness.


DESIRIAL® PLUS is a volumizing hyaluronic acid specifically created to reconstruct the labia majora. Currently, this treatment is often performed by collecting fat from another part of the body and reinjecting it into the labia. This procedure is performed in an operating theatre. DESIRIAL® PLUS is a simple alternative and/or additional solution.

What should I expect from my first session?

The injection can be performed in the practice. This procedure is for patients with mild atrophy of the labia majora, which has not only aesthetic but also functional consequences, as the labia play a key part in protecting the vulva.

The procedure is pain-free as an anaesthetic cream is applied.

Cosmetic gynecology Dr. David Metz